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Key Areas

Repair and service
Needs analysis
Software and Web Site Work
Training and education
Purchasing Assistance
Repair and Service
We have over twenty-five years of experience with computer hardware, ranging from small personal computers to large servers. We can be available outside normal business hours.
Needs Analysis
We have many years of experience in designing computer and software systems for small businesses with local networks, to larger systems spanning many locations. We also work with individuals who want a simple computer to do personal work and get on the internet, or set up a small home network, wired or wireless.
Software and Web Site Work
We have worked with operating systems from the current Windows 7, Vista, XP (Home and Professional) and Windows 2000. and all prior versions of Windows, DOS and OS/2 .  We have installed Windows Servers from NT4 to the full and Small Business versions of Server 2000 through Server 2008.  We can plan for and install complete systems, including operating systems and application software.  We can help you get a web site set up, assist in the planning and design, and train you in use and maintenance.
Training and Education
We do training and education in most major application areas, including word processing and spreadsheets in versions of Windows Office, and Lotus Smart Suite.  We can train you and your staff in most of the skills needed to manage a small network or maintain and update your web site. 
Purchasing Assistance
We have established relationships with major vendors, and will help recommend hardware from servers to desktops, laptops and tablets, to DSL and cable high-speed internet access devices, to communications equipment. We can help you choose the proper software for your personal and business needs.  We can also help you find "Open Source" software, sometimes known as "free-ware" which can help you get the functions you need, at a cost you can afford.
All computers, especially any computers connected to the internet, are subject to more and more threats from harmful programs, virus programs, worm programs, malware and hackers. Sometimes you receive harmful files sent innocently, and sometimes the attacks are deliberate. We can help you set up a defense strategy that includes the use of up to date virus detection programs that examine incoming files and email and programs that protect your computers from 'probes' that try to get access to your information. We can also help you set up a plan for backing up and saving critical data so that a computer failure will not cause complete loss of your important information.

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